Does Kathryn skateboard?
No she does not. Kathryn can comfortably inline skate on flat ground.

Does my child have to wear knee pads, elbow pads and/or wrist guards?

We believe that safety equipment will help to save your child from injury and strongly recommend its use, especially for beginners and when learning new skills. It is your decision, as a parent or legal guardian, as to whether to allow them to go without.

Does my child have to wear a helmet?
Yes, this is Kathryn's #1 safety rule. All skaters and coaches must wear a CSA approved helmet at all times when stepping on their skateboard or scooter or into their inline skates.

It doesn’t look like a structured lesson is happening during my child’s class. What’s happening and are they learning anything?
It may look like chaos but rest assured that each skater is being monitored by their coach and is given a skill to work on.

My child is just a beginner, will they get a badge at the end of the session?

Yes, everyone who is present for the testing process (which normally takes place over a 2 week period) is awarded a badge.

What’s the difference between a 1 hour and 2 hour class?
The difference is the amount of skating instruction and free skate time your child will receive. A 1 hour class is recommended for beginners and younger children. A 2 hour class is recommended for skaters who are self motivated to work harder and achieve more and for whom a 1 hour class just doesn’t seem like enough. It is possible to upgrade from a 1 hour to a 2 hour class during a program, space permitting.

Does my child need to do a solo run during the demo to get a badge?
No, all skaters will receive a badge (provided they have been tested by a coach). We encourage all skaters to do a solo run, the length of which can be chosen by them. Should a skater choose not to do their solo run, we encourage them to sit with the other skaters and participate in the rest of the demo.